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Online Bachelors Degrees: Get your bachelor degree online.


Earning a Bachelors Degree Online

All the buzz now is about online bachelor's degrees. Earning an online bachelors degree is becoming increasingly popular. Many students seriously consider and successfully earn a bachelors degree online. Many more would like to learn more about accredited online bachelor degrees. This web site is aimed to help you find the right online school and online bachelor degree program.


The accredited online bachelor degrees listed here allow you flexibility so you never have to leave home or relocate while earning a bachelors degree online. Earning an online bachelor degree from one of the online universities we list is more rewarding than ever. Note that we only list accredited schools that offer bachelors degrees online. We recommend that you click on as many of the online schools offering bachelors degrees online listed and complete the form to receive free information. These online schools are eager to hear from you and will send you all the information you need about completing your bachelor degree online. Note that in many instances you can earn your online bachelors degree from one of these online schools in 18 months.


One of the best benefits of obtaining a bachelors degree online is the flexibility when you take your classes. An online bachelor degree will not interfere with your job because courses for online bachelor degrees do not require that you spend time in a classroom. You complete your online bachelors degree classes at your own pace, and at your own schedule. Homework and other assignments are completed according to your own schedule and at your own pace.


A bachelors degree is the most traditional degree awarded by most U.S. universities and colleges. The two most common types of bachelors degrees awarded by online universities are the bachelor of science degree and the bachelor of arts degree. Some online universities offer only the Bachelor of Arts degree, even for science majors (such as a B.A. in chemistry). Other online universities offer both the B.A. and the B.S. Bachelor degrees are what most students pursue at online universities. Many top universities are now offering bachelors degrees online. This means that you can obtain a bachelors degree online from one of the many renowned schools listed.

Earning an online bachelor degree is extremely exciting and rewarding. All students pursuing a bachelor degree online generally must select a major. Students must complete a number of courses within that major in order to graduate with an online bachelor degree in that major. They may also be required by the online school to complete a number of courses in related fields in order to earn their online bachelors degree. As an example, a student who is majoring in chemistry will not only have to complete chemistry courses, but also mathematics, biology, and physics courses in order to graduate with a online bachelors of science degree in chemistry. This is to ensure a more complete, all-rounded education.

In addition to the requirements for the major, students sometimes must also complete a series of courses outside of their major to earn their bachelors degree online. These requirements generally will apply to all students. For example, all students may be required to complete courses in writing, foreign language, religion, social sciences, art, communications, and American history before they can properly qualify for the online bachelor degree offered.

Online universities offering online bachelors degrees

Some of the best and most prestigious universities and schools in the world now offer bachelors degrees online. More importantly, these online bachelor degrees are just as recognized and sought after as traditional bachelors degrees. Note that we only list accredited online schools offering online bachelors degrees. We do not list non-accredited online universities and non-accredited online bachelor degree programs. Not all online bachelors degrees are created equally so be sure to get information from the right sources! All the online schools listed on this page will send you free information on their online bachelors degrees.

There are various types of online schools that offer online bachelors degree programs, each with their own specialty. The different types of online schools offering online bachelors degrees can be classified into the numerous categories below. This will help you decide what type of online school you would like to apply to and obtain your bachelor degree online from.

Online bachelors degrees at public universities and schools

These universities are run by a state government agency and are financed publicly. They are also called state universities. Most public universities offer bachelors degrees. Many offer bachelor degrees online. The bachelor degree programs at state universities are very popular. More and more state universities are taking their universities online and offering students the choice of obtaining a bachelors degree online.

Online bachelors degrees at private universities and schools

These online universities are operated by private individuals and are paid for privately. Private online universities are not controlled by any government agency and offer excellent online bachelor degrees. Obtaining a bachelor degree online from the many quality private online universities is becoming increasingly popular. The private online universities we feature are properly accredited so that your bachelors degree online will be recognized. Private online universities represent the largest segment of online universities offering bachelors degrees online.

Online bachelors degrees at liberal arts universities and schools

These are universities that offer bachelor degrees online and provide students with a broad-based, rather than a highly focused, education. Students must complete a wide array of classes in order to earn their online bachelors degree. There is an increasing number of liberal arts universities online that offer online bachelors degrees.

Online bachelors degrees at religiously denominated universities and schools

These are universities and online universities that were founded by religious organizations. Most religiously affiliated universities in America were founded by Christian organizations, but other faiths are also represented. These online universities are all privately funded, and many offer a great liberal arts education.  Many offer bachelors degrees online and are highly ranked.

Online bachelors degrees at technology institutes

These are universities that offer bachelors degrees online specializing  in the fields of science and engineering. Unlike liberal arts universities, institutes of technology provide students with an education that is generally more focused on their major. Many excellent technological institutes now offer online bachelor degree programs. ITT Technical Institute is an example of a good technical institute allowing students to obtain a bachelor degree online.

Click the majors below to request free info on your online bachelors degree:

Business Bachelors Degrees Online

Computer Science Bachelors Degrees Online

Criminal Justice and Paralegal Bachelors Degrees Online

Nursing and Healthcare Bachelors Degrees Online

Culinary Arts Bachelors Degrees Online

Graphic Design/ Interior Design Bachelors Degrees

Online Arts and Humanities Bachelors Degrees Online

Math and Physical Science Bachelors Degrees Online

Social Science Bachelors Degrees Online

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that employees who are at least 18 years of age with a bachelor degree earn an average of $51,206 per year compared to those with a high school diploma, who earned an average of $27,915.

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Business Bachelors Degrees Online


Acquisition and Contract




Business Administration

Business Communication




Health Administration

Hospitality Management


Computer Science Bachelors Degrees Online

Computer Engineering

Computer Information Science

Computer Information Systems

Computer Networking

Computer Science

Cyber Security

Database Technology

Game Software Development

Criminal Justice and Paralegal Bachelors Degrees Online

Criminal Justice

Criminal Science

Homeland Security

Nursing and Healthcare Bachelors Degrees Online

Healthcare Management

Health Services Management


Culinary Arts Bachelors Degrees Online

Culinary Management

Graphic Design/ Interior Design Bachelors Degrees Online



Game Art and Design

Graphic Design


Arts and Humanities Bachelors Degrees Online


General Studies

Math and Physical Science Bachelors Degrees Online



Social Science Bachelors Degrees Online

Behavioral Science



Labor Relations




Human Resources

Information Systems

International Business




Project Management

Public Administration

Retail Management






Information Systems Security

Information Technology

Network Management

Network Security


Technology Management

Web Design and Multimedia



Legal Studies

Paralegal Studies















Interior Design

Interactive Media Design

Visual Communications






Technical Writing





Social Sciences




Online Bachelors Degrees Listed Alphabetically

Accounting Online Bachelor Degree

Acquisition and Contract Online Bachelor Degree

Advertising Online Bachelor Degree

Animation Online Bachelor Degree

Banking Online Bachelor Degree

Behavioral Science Online Bachelor Degree

Business Online bachelor Degree

Business Administration Online Bachelor Degree

Business Communication Online Bachelors Degree

Communication Online Bachelor Degree

Computer Engineering Online Bachelor Degree

Computer Information Science Online Bachelor Degree

Computer Information Systems Online Bachelor Degree

Computer Networking Online Bachelor Degree

Computer Science Online Bachelor Degree

Criminal Justice Online Bachelor Degree

Criminal Science Online Bachelor Degree

Culinary Management Online Bachelor Degree

Cyber Security Online Bachelor Degree

Database Technology Online Bachelor Degree

E-Business Online Bachelor degree

Economics Online Bachelor Degree

English Online Bachelor Degree

Entrepreneurship Online Bachelor Degree

Finance Online Bachelor Degree

Game Art and Design Online Bachelor Degree

Game Software Development Online Bachelor Degree

General Studies Online Bachelor Degree

Graphic Design Online Bachelor Degree

Health Administration Online Bachelor Degree

Health Services Management Online Bachelor Degree

Healthcare Management Online Bachelor Degree

Homeland Security Online Bachelor Degree

Hospitality Management Online Bachelor Degree

Human Resources Online Bachelor Degree

Humanities Online Bachelor Degree

Information Systems Online Bachelors Degree

Information Systems Security Online Bachelors degree

Information Technology Online Bachelors Degree

Interactive Media Design Online Bachelors Degree

Interior Design Online Bachelors Degree

International Business Online Bachelors Degree

Labor Relations Online Bachelors degree

Legal Studies Online Bachelors Degree

Management Online Bachelor Degree

Marketing Online Bachelor Degree

Math Online Bachelor Degree

Network Management Online Bachelor Degree

Network Security Online Bachelor Degree

Nursing Online Bachelor Degree

Operations Online Bachelor degree

Paralegal Studies Online Bachelor Degree

Physics Online Bachelor Degree

Programming Online Bachelor Degree

Project Management Online Bachelor Degree

Psychology Online Bachelor Degree

Public Administration Online Bachelor Degree

Retail Management Online Bachelor Degree

Social Sciences Online Bachelor Degree

Sociology Online Bachelor Degree

Technical Writing Online Bachelor Degree

Technology Management Online Bachelor degree

Telecommunications Online Bachelor Degree

Visual Communications Online Bachelor Degree

Web Design and Multimedia Online Bachelor Degree


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Online Schools Offering Bachelor Degrees

(Listed Alphabetically)

Capella University

DeVry University

ITT Technical Institute

Jones College

Jones International University

Kaplan University

Strayer University

The Art Institute

University of Phoenix

Walden University

Westwood College

Advantages of an Online Bachelors Degree

Many students pursuing a bachelors degree online rather than at a physical campus do so because of the many advantages. While each student has his or her own reasons for opting to obtain a bachelor degree online, we can sum up the main advantages of online bachelor degrees below:

Get your bachelor degree online faster
Most students who choose to attend traditional universities get their degrees in 4 - 6 years. However, many students are more concerned about getting the same quality bachelor degree online, but in less time. This online bachelors degree allows the student to start accomplishing goals faster. Many quality online schools allow you to earn a bachelors degree online in just 13 months.

Complete your Online bachelor degree while living at home
Students earning their bachelors degrees online have the advantage of living at home. Students enjoy the support of family and friends, as well as a familiar environment. Enrolling in an online bachelors degree program allows a student to save on room and board. While on-campus students often have to drive long distances or relocate, online bachelor degree students enjoy all the comforts of home.

Enrolling in an online bachelor degree program gives you total flexibility
Another major advantage of online bachelors degrees is that it affords students a flexible schedule. Since your courses and materials are available to you 24 hours a day, you'll elect the when it is convenient to complete assignments, interact with classmates and review courses on the road to earning your bachelors degree online. This also allows you to stay employed while getting your online bachelors degree.

Enrolling in an online bachelor degree program gives you the freedom to live your life
Because the online learning world knows no physical boundaries, you will be earning your bachelors degree online alongside other interesting and successful students. You will interact with these students and learn from one another. Because you can log in from anywhere in the world to complete classes, you have the freedom to live your life the way you want while earning an accredited online bachelor degree.

Online bachelors degrees are more desirable than ever

In survey after recent survey, hiring managers in industry say that online bachelor degrees are just as recognized and sought after as traditional bachelor degrees. As long as the online school is properly accredited, students can obtain a bachelors degree online and reap the same benefits as non-online students.


Earn a bachelors degree online using familiar technology you already use
Earning an online bachelor degree is a very interactive experience. The technology used to deliver online bachelor degrees curriculum to any internet-connected computer is already familiar to you. Online schools use rich multimedia to make earning your online bachelors degree interesting and intuitive.

Enrolling in an online bachelors degree program allows you to interact with top professors
Because classrooms are virtual, online schools offering online bachelor degree programs are able to retain some of the brightest professors from all over the world. While completing online bachelor degrees, students have the option of communicating with and learning from these outstanding teachers.




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